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HOW TO: Screen Print Custom T-Shirts - Part 1

HOW TO: Screen Print Custom T-Shirts - Part 1

In 2009 we uploaded a HOW TO video on Screen Printing Custom T Shirts.  2 US presidents, 8 Years and 339,392 views later Mr. Todd Truxel is STILL the production manager and still slaying at printing custom graphics.  Athough there is a long line of customer relations, job order processing, artwork creations and color separating, we've received a TON of feedback through these particular videos and would love to start uploading more... What say's you the audience?

Between questions about the cost of our very expensive equipment, intricacy of designs and how they would translate through a screen to Todds lifestyle choices, this post made for quite the entertaining comment section. Also our friends at Ryonet even stopped by to give us kudos on our video.

Should We Do More?

Well that leads us to doing more.  Although this video along with others are still receiving a ton of attention, there are updates to be made!!  Todd would like to show you how to run the automatic press that is capable of producing 1,000 garments an hour.  We'd like to show you artwork tips from our graphic artists, selling tips from our sales team and strategies to get your printed materials in front of the world.  Please let us know why you want to see more videos like this one and share, share, share.


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